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JDM Quality – Low Mileage

Feb 11, 2011
JapanImportMotors is a distributor of used low-mileage engines. All products are  imported directly from Japan with an average of 40- 60K miles. We have over 10+ years of experience in the trading/importing business and this enables us to connect and work with the most prestigious suppliers in Japan. In addition we have staff who travels frequently overseas
True value and performance. Rated A+ in customer service!
to monitor the collection of merchandise and to assure that we maintain a high level of integrity and quality. Moreover when the items are transported are carefully package and upon arrival to our facility all items are fully steam cleaned and tested using an state of the art “testing equipment”. Our staff is certified and inspects the compression, oil pressure and leak test on each individual engine.  JapanImportMotors, is dedicated to bring you the best available parts and customer service to you. Our staff is highly trained and experience in the automotive field and will assist your engine or transmission need. We  network with multiple auto repair shops for the installation.


6 Months warranty on long block. Compression and leak test performed.


We offer free local delivery and affordable shipping rates nationwide.


Used and Low mileage? Yes, it has been imported from Japan in sound conditions.
At JapanImportMotors we are raising the bar and setting the new standards for quality.

We also carry transmissions, half-cut swaps & Diesel engines

Call us : 626.771.3174

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